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The Cycle Of Seasons

The cycle began during spring

My heart skipped a beat

You smiled at me and said a few words

every syllable sounding sweet.

With summer came the laughter

the world turning orange and yellow

deeper and deeper we fell

with the days turning lazy and mellow.

With rains our storms brewed

The clouds overshadowed the sun

With every thunder our  cracks grew wider

till all was said and done.

The cold and bleary winter with it

brought short days and long nights

the loneliness seeped in the bones

left me holding the pillows tight.

It is the circle of seasons

These bonds I cant break through

And I’ll smash at it until I can

Then I’ll grin and bid it adieu.


Time after Time

I tried to let go

To be free of you

But somehow it doesnt work

You follow me through


In my days and my dreams

Your presence has me shook

You shadow seeped over

On every step I took


Farther and Farther

I never stopped running

My breath turned to fog

And my lungs stopped breathing


And then I lay down

Broken and spent

And waited for the next time

I would do it again

What if

What if one day I fly off the ledge
Soaring high above the sky
And never even wondering
Never questioning why

What if one day I swim in the ocean
Knee deep in the water
My movements smooth and rhythmic
My hands never falter

What if one day I dance in a theatre
My legs shake with fear
The dress billowing around my ankles
Without a single tear

What if one day I just leave it all
Listen to my heart
And play my own song

Because that one day
When my life will be my own
My feet will tap to a different tune
And all the glass walls around will be blown