A moment in chaos

She was just a figure on the street, clad in a coat, drowning in the rains. Her hair matted to her face, she trudged on. Her handbags weighed a million tons, and her arms pained. She keeps her head down, and drags her feet through the water. Her boots make a sound as the puddle is parted for her to cut through. She looks like a sad dejected figure. 

And then, she stops. 

She just stops, in the middle of the street, in the middle of the downpour, in the middle of the craziness she stops. And she looks up in the skies which have opened up with all their might, the water splashing on her face with a zest. She drops her handbags to the ground, and spreads her arms to the sides as if trying to gather the rains in her arm. People around stop by, in that one minute, and the entire worlds around her gazes upon her, a Moment of stillness in the chaos. 

She looks up to the sky, all tiredness washed away by the droplets and she smiles a smile that uplifts all the world around her into a flurry of happiness 


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